Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Posted by Winford Tillman

I never expected us to ever leave Georgia, but when my husband showed me pictures of a great farm that he wanted to buy, I was persuaded to look at it. Six month later, we were making the move to Kentucky. I never expected to move or to own a farm, but I have to say, that I absolutely love our new way of life. The house that we bought is situated on one hundred beautiful acres. The home is from mid-eighteen hundreds and is truly grand. We have done a lot of updating and restoration, but it has turned out absolutely beautiful. The home is a Greek Revival style. The best way I can describe the house is looking like Tara, set on blue grass, where in the distance you can see the mountains. I found a great architect who specialized in historic preservation. I also added BOONS CAMP ADT security system through out the home, which was easier to do than I thought. I am truly happy at our new home and can’t wait to celebrate our first Christmas here!


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