Sunday, October 30, 2011

Getting divorced

Contributed by Milford Woods

About a year ago, my ex-husband and I got divorced. We were only married for four years, and we have no children together. I thought that we were in love, but very soon after we were married we both started to realize that we were not compatible long term. We just had too many differences, both about how we thought our lives should look and what our long-term goals were. To be honest, we should have never gotten married. Now that I am single again, I have purchased my own home. When we divorced, we sold our home and split the profit. I have been renting for the last year, and I just closed on my first house about a month ago. I decided on fixed-rate energy for my home through in order to have a better handle on my monthly budget. I have always been very organized, and I try very hard to stick to a tight budget. While the divorce was very hard on me, I am excited about the future and what it will bring. It is always exciting and a little scary to think about starting over.


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