Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Not Funny Video from Funny or Die: The Carrie Prejean Sex Tape

Sometimes I wonder why I even go on the Funny or Die website anymore. I go there looking for cool videos to post on my blog and, with few exceptions, leave disappointed.

A perfect example of this comes from the next entry. Here, Funny or Die posted something claiming to be "The Carrie Prejean Sex Tape". So, I decided to watch the video, hoping this time I wouldn't be disappointed.

I was still disappointed.

Okay, so the thing I don't understand about the Funny or Die site is this: they have money, lots of viewers, professional script writers, and star power that amateur producers on Youtube could only have wet dreams about at night. Yet, they still can't manage to make anything better than the video above?

I mean, it's not just the blatant appeal to sex and sexism, the pandering to Perez Hilton and the whole Hollywood slapping traditional morals with a wet tuna thing, or even the inane magic marker drawings on the video at the end. It's the fact that, consistently, the videos on this site just aren't funny. A lot could be forgiven if I laughed, even once, when I watched videos like this one on the Funny or Die site. For some reason, it just doesn't happen, with very few exceptions.
Carrie Prejean Interview [Explicit]

Funny or Die just sucks.
Funny or Die Presents: Season One

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