Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5 Beautiful Girl Pics from Facebook

I don't know that I really need to introduce this article, other than to say that I have 5 pictures of beautiful girls from Facebook. So, yeah -- enjoy guys!

1. Hot blonde girl from Facebook:

Hot Facebook Girl

2. Another hot blonde girl from Facebook:

Facebook blonde girl

3.  Hot fake blonde (German) girl from Facebook:

Facebook girl German

4.  Another hot girl (this time really hot!) courtesy of Facebook:

Super hot Facebook girl

5. Final hot Facebook girl (a repeat of #3):

Hot Facebook girl behind

Now, these girls uploaded these pictures to Facebook, so I am pretty sure that they're public domain now. If not, then I will take them down if the owners of the pics ask me. However, my experience with girls like this says that they like the attention anyway, so I doubt that they will request it.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing some hot girls from Facebook. If you want more pictures like these, just leave a comment and request them.
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