Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sexy Blogging: 5 Ways to Make Your Associated Content Article “Click Irresistible”!

With literally millions of blogs and billions of internet pages out there, it seems like everyone is trying to make their webpage stand out. So, how do you make your blog or Associated Content article irresistible to clicks? Here are five things that will get you started.

1. Get a Catchy Title: Admit it, when you read the title of my article, you probably had a good idea what I was going to tell you in this article. But, you couldn’t help but click on it, could you? Why? Probably at least part of the reason behind it was the title!

From my experience, I would say that it’s about 80 percent of the hits that your article on Associated Content gets are based on the title alone. A good title is worth its weight in internet gold.

2. Use Bullets and Lists: In our day of hectic schedules and text messaging, Twitter, and Facebook, no one wants to read some long winded article. Instead, everything needs to be in a list to get noticed. If a point takes more than 200 words to make, write a book about it instead of an internet post.

3. Use Correct Grammar and Spelling: Nothing is more annoying than to stumble across an article on Associated Content with great potential only to find a poorly written article with bad grammar and lots of spelling mistakes.

This is especially unforgivable in our day because programs like Microsoft Word basically do all of the hard work of spell and grammar checking for you. If you really don’t know or are too lazy to use these tools, take up tennis instead!

4. Tell People Something Interesting: If you want people to remember your article and refer back to it from time to time, be sure to tell them something interesting (or several things) that will keep the article in the back of their mind. Whether it’s a list on how to write an Associated Content article or instructions on how to submit a FAFSA if you’re over 50, use your article to give people information that they can use and that they can’t find in another place.

5. Make a list of websites: One of the most “click irresistible” websites I’ve seen to date on Associated Content is one that offers people a list of websites similar to Associated Content that pay upfront money for freelance articles. Even though I am the type of person to usually forget an internet page 30 seconds after I navigate away from it, I have found myself visiting this page 10 times in the last week alone.

Take this as an example of what to do in your own articles. Whether you compile a links to sites for college scholarships in the Humanities or just a list of links to funny cat videos on Youtube, make sure that your content has your audience bookmarking your site for future use


  1. Creating good and consistent content about your product is all that matters. The sales pitch, if you will. So many people say create good content? That should translate to 'make a good pitch'. When we post a daily blog and get interactive with other blogs, we start to get noticed. As our RSS get click our optin list begins to grow. But without a good post no one will notice us.

  2. I agree Paul. Writing a blog with good content and a sucky title is like writing the best romance novel ever and putting a picture of Rosie O'Donnell on the cover. It may be awesome, but nobody is going to read it because the cover sucks.



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