Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sex, Humor and Kittens: How to Get 100+ Hits Per Day on your Blogspot Blog

You’ve started the greatest blog in internet history on . So, why is no one reading your blog? With these five easy tips, you can draw a consistent 100+ hits to your blog in under three months.

1. Networking: The first step that you should take to get word out about your blog is to tell literally everyone you know that has a computer about your blog. Start out by spreading the word on Facebook, Myspace, and through friends and family blogs about the new blog you’re starting. Depending on how many friends you have and how active they are in reading blogs every day, this might push your blog most of the way to 100 daily hits just by itself. At the very least, it will likely get the word out to enough people that your blog will start to get noticed by the larger search engines. Sites like Digg and Yahoo Buzz are also great for getting the word out about your blog.

2. Linking: This step is an extension of networking with the important distinction that you have actual physical links to external websites embedded in your code as well as links from external websites coming into your site. This in itself can generate enormous amounts of consistent traffic for your website even months after you’ve written and likely forgotten about the original article.

As an example of this, I have some links on my Blogspot website about a humorous article that I originally wrote detailing the David Letterman interns people didn’t know about back when his whole infidelity scandal was breaking. As a part of this, I linked to several pictures of different women (and a couple of guys!) from sites across the internet to add to the humor, published the article, chuckled as I read through it for a minute or so, and then forgot about it.

About two months later, I started getting 10-20 hits per day (tracked through Google Analytics) on my internet site from people searching those images. Even though this traffic has calmed a bit, this page and others like it still account for maybe half of my daily page views.

3. Sex, Humor, and Kittens: What can I say except the old adage is true: sex sells. If you want lots of page views, make sure that you include at least one sexy thing in your blog each time you write. If you’re a girl and you are sexy (or you can convince people that you’re sexy), that’s even better! Some of the most successful bloggers on Blogspot are girls who talk constantly about their “sexploits” – their dating life, the guys they hook up with, tips for relationships, and all sprinkled with lurid details and naughty photos.

If you don’t feel quite right about posting articles like this on your personal blog, remember that humor is only slightly less effective at making your blog stand out. Funny videos, a daily joke, and embarrassing stories can all make people laugh and want to come back for more. If all else fails, try posting some pictures of cute kittens.

4. Controversy: Sports commentator used to have one simple piece of advice for long winded callers into his talk show “Have a take, don’t suck!” In other words, take a position on something and stick to it! The more controversial your position, the better.

Have a take on gun control, abortion, gay rights, illegal immigration, the grand “Jewish conspiracy”? State your opinion loud and proud so that your sure to get bombarded with hits from fans and haters alike. The more freakishly weird your position and the more division you inspire, the more people will notice your blog.

5. Be patient: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your blog will take time to grow as well. One of the main factors in determining how much search engines like Google and Bing pay attention to your blog is simply a matter of how long it has been around. If you just keep making regular posts, eventually your blog page rank will move up and your page views per day along with it.


  1. So, are you getting the views or comments that you want?

  2. Um, no, but this is just to get hits on Associated Content anyway.

    I've just been kind of bored this weekend, so I wrote a ton of these last night.

  3. Controversy does indeed sell, as I have learned by stumbling into it. But damn if I am not sure I want my blog to really be "all about bitching".... sigh.

  4. I agree, especially if you write an entry on something controversial like gay marriage or immigration and then post the link in the comments section of a news article about it. That really generates a lot of hits, albeit short lived ones.



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