Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hospitals in Mexico: Debunking the Myths

Having dental work or medical care in Mexico can save patients from the United States literally thousands of dollars per procedure. However, how safe is surgery in Mexico? This article answers that question, along with debunking some common myths about doctors and dentists in Mexico.

Myth # 1: Medical care in Mexico is Inferior to care in the United States

Fact: Probably the majority of Mexican doctors either attend medical school or train at some point in either the United States or Europe. Even for the Mexican doctors who don’t attend a Western medical school, Mexico has several high quality medical schools with access to modern medical equipment and training, especially in the urban centers of Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Monterrey.

Myth # 2: Hospitals in Mexico are unsanitary and technologically backwards

Fact: Hospitals in Mexico are held to the same high standards as hospitals inside the United States, with comparable levels of oversight for hospitals in both nations. While good and bad hospitals exist in both nations, it is equally possible to find clean, sanitary, and safe facilities in both nations as well. Also, most Mexican hospitals, especially ones that cater to medical tourists, are equipped with modern medical equipment, including MRI machines and other advanced diagnostic equipment.

Myth # 3: Malpractice is more widespread in Mexico than in the United States

Fact: Millions of medical tourists from the United States travel to Mexico every year for medical treatments, and most report positive experiences. While horror stories about medical treatments gone wrong in Mexico do exist, these stories are similar to horror stories about United States doctors. As with all medical procedures, it pays to do research on the specific doctor and hospital involved before seeking a complex medical treatment.

Myth # 4: No recourses exist for victims of medical malpractice in Mexico

Fact: Mexico has a complex arbitration system, established by the government in 1996, to specifically deal with cases of medical malpractice. In cases where doctor negligence is found, doctors can be held liable and forced to pay settlements to the affected patients. In cases where arbitration fails to reach an agreement, a suit against a doctor can be pursued in Mexican court. Also, if the malpractice is severe enough, a Mexican doctor could even face jail time!

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