Thursday, March 3, 2011

Attention All Animal Lovers: Stop the Madness in Utah!

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Attention All Animal Lovers: Stop the Madness in Utah!

We here at Future Twits love feral cats.  We personally support and care for a colony of feral cats.  By working with these animals, feeding and caring for them, they are now more like outdoor pets than feral animals.  Still, these cats will probably never be tame enough to live in a house or be your typical lap sitting, human loving cat.  I ask though, do they deserve to die?  An accident of birth forced them to be homeless and friendless on the day they were born.  These cats keep the mice population down and bother no one.  Should it be someone else's choice if these cats wander from our property to decide whether they live or die?  Please if Utah House Bill 210 passes consider boycotting Utah.  DO NOT visit Utah and support their large tourism industry, cancel business conferences, and avoid buying any product from Utah.  Hit Utah where it will really hurts in their pocketbook.  PLEASE all animal lovers out there this bill is not just for feral cats.  Do we really need crazy animal hating rednecks running around the countryside shooting anything that moves in order to “kill them crazy varmints” that might spread a fictitious disease to their inbred idiot families.  Utah notoriously comes up with really stupid bills and laws.  Please do not support “legalized” animal abuseSTOP THE MADNESS!!!
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