Saturday, March 26, 2011

Islam: The Religion of Pigs

In keeping with my cultural upbringing of a Christian background severely tempered by the enlightenment (including a strong science background), I honestly seek to find good things in every religion. However, sometimes I see a video so blatantly disgusting that it makes me reevaluate that stance. Here is one such video about what I believe to be the most disgusting, the most dangerous religion in the world: Islam. In this video, a pig of a man is a polygamist with four wives at the same time. His justification for taking so many wives simultaneously? Well, the first two wives were too jealous, so he took wives three and four. Maybe they saw you for the dirty, filthy creature that you really are.

Whether there is a God, and by extension a Satan, I am not sure. However, I do know this much: if there really is a Satan, and he had hypothetically set up a disgusting, false, and oppressive religion to torment the world, I am sure that religion would be Islam. What do you think?
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