Monday, March 28, 2011

Photos of Sarah Lane

 Edit: Apparently, there is a photo journalist named Sarah Lane as well, and I included some of her pics by mistake. So, I have corrected this below and delineated the two sets of pics.

Sarah Lane came to prominence as a "dancing double" for Natalie Portman for the movie Black Swan. She gained even more notoriety when she called out assertions from the Portman camp that Natalie was responsible for 85% of the dancing in the movie, putting the figure closer to about 5%. Yet, for all the controversy that this has stirred up in Hollywood buzz, no one has yet put together a compilation of some sexy Sarah Lane photos. We here at Future Twits can't let that stand. Enjoy :)

1. Sarah Lane Pretty Face

2. Sarah Lane Sexy Body Pic:

3. Sarah Lane Black Dress:

4. Sarah Lane Pink Dress:

And, for the TV personality:

5. Sarah Lane (TV personality) Face Pic:

Another Sarah Lane (TV personality) face pic:

Sarah LaneImage via Wikipedia

Note: I was corrected by the latter Sarah Lane that she is indeed not a photojournalist. I see that I have received erroneous information about her profession from the internet. I guess you really CAN'T trust everything that you read online. Who would have thought?

Well, I hope that you enjoyed those photos of the beautiful Sarah Lane, body double for Natalie Portman in Black Swan. These are all of the photos I could find that I knew were for certain of her. If you want me to find some more, just leave a comment and I will look. Also, check out my review of Black Swan and my explanation of why guys find the lesbian kiss in Black Swan so fascinating.

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  1. the fifth image is not the dancer sarah lane

  2. Maybe it's her with a different hair style . . .

  3. no, the last picture and the first one with a drink in her hand next to the little bio at the start are of tech journalist sarah lane. I don't know how you could've written that you were certain these were all pictures of the dancer. They look nothing alike!

  4. Okay, I'll fix it one of these days, if I believe you that they're not all the same person :) To me, they do look pretty similar. Either that, or I'll just modify the description.

  5. The 1st picture right of the paragraph and the image marked '5: Sarah Lane Face Pic' is Sarah Lane the tech journalist. She has nothing to do with Sarah Lane the ballet dancer, doubling for Natalie Portman in Black Swan.

  6. Okay, I will fix then. Thanks.



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