Friday, August 27, 2010

Selling my tweets on Ebay

I had the bright idea a few weeks ago that I would get rich by selling tweets on my Twitter account on Ebay. After all, I reasoned, I have two active Twitter accounts, one with about 4,000 followers and one with about 2,000 followers. So, I decided to put up an ad and see what would happen.

 I thought that my estimated 5,000-6,000 followers would count for something, 1$, 2$, maybe even 5$ or more. I even had dreams of starting a bidding war where the attention of my thousands of loyal fans could command top dollar and I could retire from my day job and get rich off the fame that my month or so of aggressive following on Twitter has brought me.

Except, it didn't happen.

Days passed, and the end of the three day deadline neared. I fully expected to to have some bids on my item, some indication that a person besides me thought that tweeting was worth something in life.

And then it came: a buyer purchased my tweet. The final selling price?

5 cents.


So, if you've ever wondered what your tweets are worth to the larger world outside of Twitter, I could answer this in two words.

Almost nothing.

Twitter sucks.

Hot Ebay Girl

P.S. Tweets are so worthless apparently that the buyer never even sent me a tweet to send out to my followers -- he just paid me the 5 cents. I'm pretty sure the guy either bought it as a joke or as a mistake.

Think of this story next time you're bragging about how many followers you have on Twitter.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles with eBay and Twitter. Well, not so much with Twitter.

    If I had known, I might have joined in. (Horace The Social Media Pig on my blog is really needed and needs all followers he can get.)

    BTW, what's the bidding for the Hot eBay Girl?

  2. I need to leave a comment telling you how to get more followers on Twitter.

    Also, the girl above probably just needs affection and interest, jut like every girl. Being a guy married to a hot girl, it's amazing how far kindness, love and affection will go in winning a girl's heart. I know that sounds like a Lifetime TV momemnt, but it's true.

  3. You know JC, I thought pictures of me in a Speedo would be enough to get more followers on Twitter, but apparently sex doesn't always sell!

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