Monday, August 2, 2010

Blog Catalog -- Helping Mentally Disabled People to Be Jerks Since 1995

If you've every thought about registering for and trying to use the "Blog Catalog" (I'm not going to give them a link, jerks) website to promote your blog -- don't; they suck. They banned me recently for . . . ya know, I'm still not even sure. I put up a message in their forums, asking any of the users on Blog Catalog if they wanted to exchange links on their blog roll with me, and possibly followings with Google Followers and Twitter. Apparently, that was enough to get my website banned and my profile taken down. I'm just guessing here because they never emailed me at all to say exactly why they took down my profile; they just removed it.

The subtitle on their website says (or at least used to say) something about "helping disabled people find independence" (or some crap like that). From what I've seen, I think it should be changed to mentally disabled people -- not even the happy, innocent kind but the freaking jerks, like the girl with down syndrome from Family Guy.

If you look carefully at some of the people who work for Blog Catalog, you can probably see better what I'm talking about. I think that the main guy is "Tony B". Here is his profile pic:

I'm trying to decide, from looking at it, which type of mental disability the man has. Mental retardation seems like an obvious candidate, along with a possible fetish for small boys (IMHO, of course :)? It's really hard to say. He, and the other people who work there are definitely jerks. Just looking at him, he is an extremely ugly man and likely hasn't been with a woman in a very, very long time. Girls: would you sleep with him? Guys, would you sleep with him either (the gay ones)? I don't think that many people would, to be honest. The fact that he would even post this pic on a page viewed monthly by millions of people shows that he has some unresolved issues.

"Angie A." (short for arse hole?) seems to be another major player for the website. From looking at her picture, she seems to me to be someone that Family Guy would label as "a backup girl" -- a girl that you date if you can't find anyone better (think Meg). She looks old too. In any case, she too is a jerk, along with whoever else was involved in blocking my account from the website.

In summary, Blog Catalog has a bunch of freaking jerks who work there. Don't support them, and perhaps they'll go away. They suck.

Okay, after subjecting my readers to those pictures, here is some visual relief:

Cute kitten:

Note: I have nothing against Tony or Angie personally. I don't even know them. I just thought that it would be funny to trash them b/c they work for the devil (a.k.a. Blog Catalog).

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  1. ima risk it with you.. i just got there so if they ban me oh well.

    But you have to wonder about people like them.. or people who give themselves power over the internet, it's like a super hero they are trying to invent, and out-cast.. the nay sayers!

    personally.. rule of thumb i am trying to stick to, and understand (cause i was caught by surprise too.. by people just like them..) THEY ARE Mentally challenged! I think sites often promote and enable people .. who are unstable.

    anyway, thanks for saying outloud.. what i was thinking!

  2. ehh wish i could delete my account but i dont see that option.!

  3. last thought, don't be so hard on what you see on the outside. some people are who they are, and it doesn't make you any better of a person to degrade out of anger. .. just let it go.

  4. parody ... some peopel don't get it, so i have the need to keep posting why i think how i think when i think what i think.. hahha..

    seriously tho.. walk away, dude! walk away!

  5. I'm sorry to hear that, as that's how I found you.

    And actually, over the last year or two, I've grown not to be a big fan of them either. They once deleted three posts of mine -- in a row mind you -- without any explanation at all. And I kept posting it until I got an answer. After all, if you're going to delete someone's post, you should explain why.

    And then there were some people on there who made themselves the Blog Catalog's Comment Nazis (sort of like the Soup Nazis) and would flag comments and posts for any little reason at all.

    And I thought the whole point of that place was for people to go to your blog and do link exchanges but that's not it at all.

    I would write a small entry about a column I wrote on my blog and asked people to go to my blog and read it and then comment about it either on my blog and/or Blog Catalog.

    Most of the time people only read the entry and thought they knew what my column was about without actually reading it and then made comments that had nothing to do with my column topic.

    I really don't post anything on there anymore and I've been really disappointed in most of the people there.

    And again, I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. It's a shame, because you have a great blog that I enjoy visiting.

  6. Thanks,

    Ya know, I could probably create a large number of fake accounts and spam their site to get them back (maybe spam them with this article), but I don't want to do so.

    I have about 20 or so email accounts lying around that were for Twitter accounts that have since been banned. :(

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  8. i have a colleague was locked out of a LinkedIn Site by the monitors for offering to Tweet an event or announcement. that was his only sin! not only was his comment not posted, but he was tossed out of the group entirely! now granted, the guy has a network of 125k followers or more, and i am in that network, so i know firsthand what jealousy is.

    alot of this is internet jealousy. if people see you are doing better than them, not only do they not want to assist you in your success, they don't want to have anything to do with helping you either. what is the old saying: "never a person so envious as seeing you succeed?" any threat or perceived threat is quiclky cut off, since they actually think by you adding followers to your google group will detract from their own popularity.

    it is a well known strategy played by many shrewd internet players that you tag along on the coattails of a bigger account. you create a "team" a trusted colleague that you know is not going to try to sell all your clients a competing product, and whom you can enjoy conversation with as well. forming these relationships is absolutely crucial to succeed. it is the very essence of social networking, and without it, we are but lone voices struggling for followers one by one.

    co branding and teaming up is also generous and giving. it means i need you, you need me, and i don't mind promoting your cause when the time comes. i have a core group of at least ten bloggers who are absolutely harmless people who have blogs and religiously, without fail announce their new posts, twice a day. on fridays, i make sure i announce them between 4 and 5 pm EST. so they get plenty of coverage. I keep doing this. even when they forget to reciprocate. it is called planting and sowing.

    when i focus on doing this, good things happen.

    so don't let this incident bother you. let it go. chalk it up to a learning experience, and keep at what you do best. overcome the hurt and pain and rejection by small minded non givers by giving. go out and plant and sow. promote others with no thought of the return. publish some links to others blogs without asking for quid pro quo. do it anonymously. tell ppl to follow someone else. do what is kind and good, and helpful. i bet you'll have a great time doing it, and each tweet will free you from the pain of this crazy event.

    and miracles will continue to happen for you.

    Sarcastic Sam Tweets at @Samuel_Clemons

  9. i haven't had any issues with blog catalog, but i haven't done much interaction since joining a few weeks ago. sorry they booted you off. i understand your angry rant in response. they should've at least sent a template email explaining the reason for their decision.

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