Friday, August 27, 2010

Five Random Images of Hot Non Nude Girls


Tasteful and not sleazy sexy girl
Since these types of entries end up accounting for nearly 2/3 of my traffic historically, I decided to do another one. Don't worry -- I'm a blogger, not a pornographer: no images of nude girls here. Just for the sake of SEO, I probably should keep repeating that phrase, but I don't want to keep talking about nude girls or non nude girls or girls who wear watermelon shells on their heads. Non nude girls:

1.  Sexy girl from Youtube

Sexy Youtube Girl -- would you watch her channel?

 2. Random Hot Asian Girl

Cute Asian Girl - I Like The Skirt

3.  Hot Female Sports Fan:

Hot Girl Sports Fan - Go Team!

4.  Hot Fresh Faced Sexy Girl

Cute Faced Girl with Necklace

 5.  Cute Latina Girl on Stairs

Cute Latina Girl Waiting on Stairs

Well, I hope that these pics made all of the guys (and possible lesbians) days brighter. I had to look hard to find pictures even this clean and tasteful. I know this will generate huge amounts of traffic in about a month or so. Somehow, I still feel dirty . . .

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  1. Good call on the pics! My favorite is the "suicide girl" 1st pic. I see you're a brunette lover, huh? Show some love for the blondes next time (my favs). Cool blog!



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