Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Uncut Ron Paul Interview - CNN Gloria Borger

Here is an interesting video that I found of 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul being interviewed by Gloria Borger of CNN news.

Why I found this interesting is because of the approach that Borger takes when she is interviewing Paul. While the first part of the interview is okay, I think that she gets stuck -- quite deliberately -- on questions about Paul's involvement in a newsletter that had some very unsavory aspects to it.

Watch the interview below to see what I mean.

I personally don't see what else Paul could have said in response to the question. He didn't read the content of the newsletter (which is completely understandable, if you're a public figure and have a lot of ghostwriters working for you), he disavowed it, and he basically wanted to move on from the question. What more could he say on the topic?

I personally don't agree with Paul's politics. Frankly, I think about half of his ideas are evolutionarily and possibly good and half are crazy enough that they would destroy the United States if he was in power. But, I do have to give him credit here and say that he was treated unfairly in this interview, and I believe that the mistreatment was deliberate on the part of Borger.

What are your thoughts?

Bonus: Here are CNN's thoughts on the interview.

Here are one of Paul's supporter thoughts on the matter:

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