Saturday, October 30, 2010

More Funny Tweets from Twitter -- Kim Kardashian

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I just thought that I would share some funny tweets from Twitter about Kim Kardashian. Warning: if you like Kim, don't read these. They're hilarious and mean spirited.

1. Kim Kardashian makes a sex video, becomes a millionaire. A poor girl makes a sex video, get $200 and an STD. Life is fair?

2. Kim Kardashian + Justin Bieber = Cougar on the prowl.

3. Some people call call Kim Kardashian "full figured". Others simply call Weight Watchers.

4. Now playing -- Kim Kardashian in "The Shallow Girl Strikes Back".

5.  Kim Kardashian has a nose for trouble. It also doubles as an umbrella.

So, what do you think: funny or over-the-top mean?

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  1. Here are some good ones :

  2. They don't seem funny or mean. Pretty mediocre humor.

  3. Ya know, "Napkin Dad", it doesn't do any good to suck up to Kim. You're still not her type, sorry.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Numbers one and five are great, funny stuff. Nice blog you have here, you have a new follower.



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