Sunday, October 24, 2010

Funny or Die Sucks -- Update

I thought that I would post an updated example of another not funny video from "Funny or Die" -- the unfunny Youtube video series that features a whole cadre of Hollywood stars. This particular one features Adam West (of Batman and Family Guy fame).

First off, the scene where the guy get robbed and killed in his own house. I've posted videos of people getting hurt on my blog before, and I've even posted vids of insurgents getting wasted by U.S. troops. I have no problem with violence in general. However, in this particular case, it comes off as much creepier. There is just something disturbing, even to me, about seeing a guy get shot in his pajamas. Of course, a lot of the reason why they show this is because it's a white guy getting shot by another white guy, which makes it perfectly okay. If it were, say, a black man shooting/getting shot by a white guy, that would be racist.

Second, the solution shown in the video is dorky. I was really hoping for some sort of "Bazookanator" or instant death ray gun to help protect the home owner. I would have even settled for a vampire dog. But, the eye hole thing is a piece that gets way too much usage in comedy shorts. Back in the days of Looney Toons, maybe it was fresh. But, after 80 years of seeing it, not so much.

Finally, Adam West is best seen and not heard. He's cool in Family Guy because his voice is so weird. But, on screen, he looks like some sort of pedophile grandpa. I guess if someone was really drunk or stoned, it might appeal to them. But, I'm sober and not so much.

Maybe I'm just nit picking here. But, I don't find these videos funny. What do you think?

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  1. Funny or Die does suck. It was better when it was mostly amateur skits and send-ins. Now it's all Facebooky and celebrities.

    Homogenized junk mostly, and all the "funny" videos are sociopath material now. Ala Hollywood.

  2. Yeah, I think that they sold out to the celebs. That's what happens to a lot of internet sites like that one. They become victims of their own success.

  3. Yup, I dislike how it's used for political ranting and unfunny sketches slamming the 'other' parties.

    It's uninspired and trashy. It's like a "State" sanctioned comedy platform, where a bunch of (mostly Democrat fundies) come in and spew their stuff in a very unfunny, creepy sort of way.

  4. It's like.. we get it, every comedy station in the media in the US uses political drama for 95% of their sketches.. yes, WE GET IT. It's not funny anymore. It's Orwellian at it's core.

    I hate the 2-party system in America, it's so fake, it's sad.

  5. Yeah, I agree with that statement. The big "comedy" websites are very institutionalized -- Orwellian.

    That's why I prefer the independent video makers on Youtube. There's some good stuff on there that will never show up on the Google searches, just because it doesn't make any corporation more money.

  6. Every skit is horrible. Not even the least bit funny. Should change the site to notfunny& Wtf

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