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How to Beat the Char Level in StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

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How to Get Unstuck on the Hardest Level in the Game

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty is one of the hottest new games of 2010. However, the final level on the planet Char, where Jim Raynor faces his the evil zerg Queen of Blades is a nightmare for the inexperienced player. However, with a few modification in your game play, this level is possible to beat. Here are the steps to guide you through.

1. Build lots of choke point defense: The first task when you start this level is to build up your choke point defenses as much as possible. You should build at least 2-3 bunkers at each choke with supply depots in front of each. Also, you should siege up your tanks on the tops of the cliffs overlooking each choke point. If you do this, you will probably survive the first couple of minutes.

2. Use lots of SCVS to repair the front line defenses: Once your front line defenses are set up, you're going to want to use lots of SCVs at each choke point to repair those defenses. You need to have at least 6 SCVs at all times repairing if you expect to survive the waves of zerg attacking your front door. It's also useful to have a couple of medics around to heal the SCVs as they take splash damage from your siege tanks.
At this point, your strategy will diverge, depending on whether you took out the nydus canal network or the mutalisk next on the previous mission.

If you took out the nydus network:

3a. Build TONS of vikings: You are going to have massive waves of mutalisks attacking your position and the only mobile defense you'll have will be your faithful vikings. At all times, you probably need 3 squadrons of at least 12-16 vikings, each with 3-5 attached SCVs repairing them.

3b Build a wall of missle turrets: This will help kill any mutalisks that manage to make it through your valkyries. Any extra minerals you get should go to missle turret construction.

3c Use tanks to take out the Queen of Blades: During each of her attacks, focus your tanks down on her from the cliffs.

If you destroyed the mutalisk nest: 

4a Build TONS of banshees: You're going to really need these banshees, both to help hold your front door and to take out any nydus worms that pop out of the ground. I would recommend at least 2 groups of 12 at each of your front doors, with SCVs repairing them.

4b Immediately take out any nydus worms: If you let even a couple of these worms stay up, I promise that you WILL get overrun. Every time that a nydus canal pops up, it is top priority to use your banshees to kill it.

4c Use your banshees to kill Kerrigan: When she attacks, use all available banshees to kill that weirdo as fast as possible, your banshees should make quick work of her -- probably a 20 second or so kill at the max.

5. Don't be afraid to use mercenaries: If you have available mercenaries, use all of them up. They are a lot stronger than your regular troops, and money shouldn't be a problem in this level.
Good luck!
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