Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Burning Korans vs. Drawing Muhammad - The Difference?

I had to share this video on my blog. It's a good followup to my last post about the hypocrisy of the American media over the Koran burning incident (and that of our closet Muslim president). In this video, the narrator ask the question of what the fundamental difference between the "Burn a Koran Day" on September 11 and the "Draw Muhammad Day" back in May was in terms of the first amendment. Watch the video below for the full explanation.

Can't figure out the difference between the two? Neither could I, other than the fact that the American media loves to make villains out of Christians (especially crazy looking ones with weird mustaches) while praising Atheists. It's one more example of the media's hypocrisy.

Pretty Muslim Girl: she's not waiting for the afterlife.

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  1. If you can't figure out the fundamental difference between drawing Muhammad and burning a holy book, then I question your ability to perceive reality.

    Not to mention, burning another religion's holy book seems to not be in line with the Bible and Christian teachings I grew up with, so I dunno about you.

  2. First, I never said that I would burn the Koran, I just said that I thought that this guy should have the right to do so.

    Second, I'll bite. No, I don't understand the differences between two forms of free speech. Both are forbidden by Islam As I pointed out in my post, the only difference I see is that the one was instigated by an atheist and the other by a Christian. So, if you'd care to come back and explain the differences, as you see them, on the website, I'll be waiting.

  3. My big question is: where did you find that an atheist instigated the "Drawing of Muhammad Day"? It was done in response to the censoring of South Park and started by Molly Norris, whose religious affiliation I've not been able to find.

    As for the difference between burning and drawing, I understand both are forms of Freedom of Speech that go against the teaching of Islams. However, there is a fundamental difference in drawing a prophet (which may be described as jab at the reaction of Islams) and burning their holy book (a move reminiscent of hateful dictators throughout history). By burning the book, you're not only infuriating the extremists, but also the moderates. Why fuel all of that?

    Is burning the book legal, and a right? Yes. Is it stupid and ignorant to do so? Yes.

    Let's get real, this "Pastor" just wanted some publicity. Both moves are stupid, and do nothing to further relations with the Muslims.

  4. You say that Molly Norris (unknown religious affiliation) started this day. I say that the creators of South Park (atheist) instigated it by an episode they made about Muhammad, which provoked a sympathetic response from the atheist community, like that of Molly. It's po-TAH-toe po-taa-toe argument, IMHO.

    Also, I might buy your argument about not burning religious texts if the media shared their outrage over instances of Christian Bibles, American flags, etc. being burned, as I discussed in my article. Really, if one is protesting something, anything, both drawing caricatures of it and burning symbols of the movement count equally as free speech in my book. Just so you know, the greatest dictators of history ALSO like to use propaganda in their efforts to oppress, including drawing caricatures of groups they dislike. For example, Nazis made huge amounts of cartoons with unfavorable depictions of Jews, Americans, Russians, etc.

    As for aggravating (or not) the passions of extremist, in America, we believe people have the right to free speech, whether or not people are aggravated as a result.

    Finally, I would say that the pastor did want publicity, as does everyone who is holding a protest. Whether or not this will further relations with Muslims remains to be seen. Perhaps it will lead to Islam developing a much thicker skin, just as Christians have learned to do.

  5. The idea for "Draw Muhammad Day" was concieved by Molly Norris on her blog as a response to Comedy Central censoring the South Park episode featuring the character as a main part of the story. This is fact.(Just one of numerous sources: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/05/19/facebook-fracas-breaks-everybody-draw-mohammad-day/) The creator was advised by the FBI to go into hiding due to threats on her life etc, etc...

    To say South Park instigated the event is a leap, as they did not intend to garner such an event.

    Also, neither of the creators of SP are atheists. Both have confirmed a belief in God, albeit not the Christian God.


    So again, to say that the "Draw" day was the doing of Atheists is, at best, a stretch. Neither creator of South Park is an Atheist, and Molly Norris may or may not be.

  6. Okay, I will concede the point that they are probably both Theists. I will change the word "Atheist" in that case to "Theist", and the rest of my argument should be fine.

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