Sunday, September 5, 2010

5 Sexiest Videos from Benny Benassi

If you've never heard of Benny Bennassi (I hadn't until my wife introduced me to his music) don't worry: you probably won't forget him after today. Benny consistently makes some of the sexiest music videos that I've ever seen. Enough talk -- here are the five (IMHO) sexiest music videos that Benny has made, in descending order from least to most sexy:

5.  Every Single Day: There is just something very appealing about seeing a beautiful girl in a monokini dancing in some basement while holding a chain. It appeals to male fantasies on so many levels. The song is good too.

4. Hit My Heart: Looking at a beautiful woman in a bikini on a sandy, sunshine filled beach is something that most guys need to experience at least once in life, and this video is the next best thing. The beat is very catchy too.

3. Able To Love: I put this video in here specifically for the girls. I'm sure that there must be something appealing about seeing a bunch of guys in cutoff T-shirts sweeping a floor in time to a techno beat -- both because of the guys and because they wish that their husbands/boyfriends would try this a bit more often at home. This song is again very catchy.

2. Satisfaction: Who would have ever dreamed that seeing girls in really short shorts and crop tops using power tools could be so hot, yet somehow it is. Consequently, this is the first song I ever heard from Benny, and I loved the beat on it long before I ever saw the video. Of course, now that I've seen the video, I love the song even more.

1. Who's Your Daddy: This video is so sexy it makes Satisfaction look like it was made by a bunch of old women for a church choir by comparison. Warning guys: it will seriously mess with your . . . mind, so be careful when you watch it. The music isn't as good as some of the other songs above, but who really cares?

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  2. Who's Your Daddy is one of the most erotic things I've ever seen. It's amazing.



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