Monday, May 24, 2010

Thoughts on some movies: Sex in the City, Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Lacking in other ideas, I decided to review some movies my wife and I watched over the weekend.

1. Sex and the City:
spoiled, oversexed, ugly, stupid, rich, white girls whining about their problems, most of which are brought on by unbelievable selfishness on their part.

Not only that, but it was over two hours long. Any movie I watch over two hours long better have some epic battle scenes to break the monotony, or I'm going to get bored and start surfing the net.

Finally, how much really exciting stuff is there that can be said about female sexual relationships anyway? How many times you had an orgasm, how many positions you performed, what your guys stuff tasted like, etc. Who freaking cares? In real life, I've had people try to tell me about their sex life. It was gross and uncomfortable for everyone involved. Sex is a very natural part of life, IMHO, but it should be kept PRIVATE for the most part.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Smith: good but not great movie. My problem with Angelina Jolie is that, even though she has a rockin' good body, she looks like a horse in the face. Also, the storyline on the movie was very predictable. I called the ending (no I haven't seen it before, so what?) that the two were married about an hour into it.


  1. I had the misfortune of watching Sex and the city on a flight to Taipei when the On demand system was broken on Qatar airways.

    It was as you say utterly shit.

    However it follows a popular women's novelism trait whereby women do something bad, and then they forgive themselves for it going over internal struggle.

    After being stuck in Ulan Bator for nigh on a month I read lots of dumped women's novels and they were all like this shit. It is about self affirmation and self forgiveness stick that in a novel and or film and it is a hit.

  2. @ The Chinese guy: I agree totally, and this is the problem with a lot of romantic comedies in Hollywood today, not just Sex and the City. All of these movies are centered around the selfishness of the characters and how they're so traumatized by being privileged, white, and uber rich just because they keep doing things to screw other people (literally and figuratively).

    Perfect example: the one slutty 50 year old from the movie. She's married to a 25 year old super model guy who loves to hump as much as she does, a guy who even stayed with her through chemotherapy. What does she do? She leaves him because she finds some Spanish or Italian guy who is her next door neighbor that she wants to hump instead. Better yet, her justification is that "I love myself more than I love you." And the audience is supposed to find her sympathetic? What??? People like that are despicable in real life. They are what is wrong with the world.

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