Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An open question to our readers

Future Twits is looking for a new direction, and we need your help.

In the early days of Future Twits, the staff here focused mainly on creating funny an original content, mostly making fun of the rich, celebrities, and anyone who offended our virtual sensibilities.

Unfortunately, no one ever read it.

An average readership for our blog in those days was one or two people a day. Sadly, most of the time this was one of the authors (alright, fine it was me -- there are no other authors) checking to see if someone had visited the blog.

After that, the blog took a different direction.

We started posting more "gimmicky" material, articles about 5 ways to get rich, 10 hot anime girls, or 27 ways to beat your spouse or significant other without getting caught. The last one was removed due to copyright violations.

However, gimmicky seems to work. Each and every day this week, I have had no less than 25 or so horny Asians hitting the 10 hot anime girls page to look for pictures. It's somewhat mind blowing.

Question to readers: which article type do you like best -- satire or gimmicky? Please leave your comments at the end of the article.

Oh, and the customary pretty girl photos!!!


  1. I've found that I can't limit myself to one type of post.... I'm not a good niche blogger.... Write what you find interesting.... The followers will come if you're confident and enthusiastic in your writing....

  2. Thanks!

    I will try to do that then. Most of the posts that I get hits on anyway have lots of girls in them.

    I also love the videos that you post to your blog, especially the New Liberal Media videos.

  3. Thanks a lot! There's many things that you can do to increase your readership.... I'll try to get you some more info soon.... It's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun having a bunch of followers and a bunch of commenters.... lol



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