Friday, May 14, 2010

Some Observations about The Mall

1. Victoria Secret is a great place to pick up on girls. If the girl is married, she'll let you know right away. But, she'll still probably be grateful for the compliment. If she's single, the perfume and sexy girl y colors of the store should have her in the right mood. Best of all, if you do manage to pick her up and she shops at Victoria Secret single, you KNOW that she likes to boink!

2. No one ever buys the massage chairs at Brookstone -- they just get free massages. If it weren't for the 20$ crap they sell, like the combo coffee-maker-alarm-clock-back-scratchers that they sell there, that company would have been bankrupt three years ago.

3. Never walk past the handbags in Macys with your wife when it's close to her birthday. It's a battle that you can't win.


  1. lol.... I've always wondered if anybody buys those massage chairs....

    I'm guilty of walking around the store for 20 minutes pretending to look at crappy items while I wait for four teenagers to finish using the chairs in the store....

    Then one teenager gets up and some ten year old kid hops in the chair, right before I get there from the other side of the store....

  2. I was surprised the last time that I was in the store. The manager was taking a very "no nonsense" attitude towards people in the massage chair. She basically kicked my wife and I out after like 5 minutes. Maybe this is a new age for Brookstone.



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