Saturday, November 3, 2012

In Praise of a Boot Planted Firmly in John Stossel's Corn Hole

In a recent article, Fox News anchor John Stossel praised "price gougers" -- people who take advantage of emergency situations to raise the prices of basic necessities, including food, gasoline, and toiletries. He said that long lines could be eliminated by businesses gouging their customers.

What he didn't mention -- or seem to care about -- is that this would disproportionately favor the wealthy in these states. Just like everything coming out of the right these days, the mentality is one of catering to the rich elite at all costs. So, John, are you basically saying that people should be allowed to gouge gas prices because poor people shouldn't be allowed to drive cars after a natural disaster? Maybe businesses should do the same thing with food prices because poor people shouldn't be allowed to eat after a disaster. Is that about right?

Someone needs to take away your millions and make you live for a few years as a poor American. If you ever were one, you've forgotten the experience to the point where you have no sympathy left for them. Better yet, someone needs to take a boot and plant it firmly in your rectum to keep you from talking out your ass.
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