Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sir, can I get some help with food for my dog?

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Recently, I was walking in the park when I was approached by a strikingly gentleman with an equally striking border collie. After conversing with the gentleman for a few minutes, the fellow told me that he had been having some questions recently about obtaining food for his dog. You see, this gentleman had recently fallen on hard times, and he was unable to provide his dog with the quality nourishment that his beautiful dog deserved. After conversing for a few additional moments about the lovely weather and the quality of the park, I took pity on this good man and gave him some spare coins that were currently in my possession. In retrospect, if I would have known about this website, I could have done so much more.

Homemade dog food

The website to which I have linked above is a website that instructs you how to obtain (and even cook) quality food for your dog. Your dog is like your child -- doesn't he or she also deserve a home cooked meal? Also, the food that you can make by yourself in your kitchen is so much more nutritious than any food that can be obtained from a can. Don't you really owe it to your dog -- and yourself -- to cook for your dog?

Easy cooked dog food recipe

If I had known about this website, I could have helped the man much more than I did. I could have told him about delicious and nutritious recipies that he could prepare for his dog and potentially with his dog.

You owe it to your dog to do this. You also owe it to the rest of your family.


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