Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What is an alternative to

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One of the best Twitter tool websites to crop up in the last few years is -- a site that allowed users to follow and unfollow other Twitter accounts with ease. However, Twitter changed their terms of use agreement and effectively shut down the free part of the service, changing into a pay-to-use site. Here, I tell you two alternative websites to replace the functionality of -- both of which are free.

1. This site allows users to follow other Twitter accounts in a highly accessible and user friendly format. This is the tool to take over the following part of

2. This site allows users to unfollow Twitter accounts that don't follow them back. This site takes over the unfollowing part of

I hope that this helps :)

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  1. OR, maybe just go for the best one and pay the $5/month for Refollow :)

  2. It's 5$/month on JustUnfollow and free on Tweepi, and I like the interfaces much better.

    JustUnfollow will load all of your followers in about 15 seconds. It used to take a minute or more on Refollow.

  3. 5$/year on JustUnfollow, sorry.

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