Saturday, December 4, 2010

5 Best Starcraft 2 Commentators

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty start screenImage by Eric Damon Walters via Flickr
If you're like a Starcraft 2 fan like me, then you probably enjoy watching game commentaries on Youtube almost as much as you enjoy playing SC2. However, with so many choices out there, how do you know which commentators are worth watching and which to pass? Here, I give you my list of the 5 best Starcraft 2 commentators.

1 and 2. HDstarcraft / HuskyStarcraft : I put these two commentators together in the top spot because they are clearly the current "gold standard" when it comes to SC2 commentary. Both of them have around 100 million (not a typo) views on their uploads, and both are famous enough to be frequently mentioned by other commentators.

3. BlizShouter: This commentator is a bit less well known (only 15 million or so upload views), but he is still one of my favorites. I personally like the passion that he displays when he casts. Another plus is that he's married (wife and daughter), which I think is cool.

4. AskJoshy: Josh is another relatively less well known commentator (only about 5 million upload views), but I think his popularity will increase as people watch him more. He has a very crisp commentating style and has recently added a cool "picture-in-picture" feature to his videos, which allows him to keep track of two battles simultaneously.

5. PsyStarcraft: If you've ever wanted to know how to play zerg, you should really check out some of the commentaries by this guy. His style tends to focus a lot more on strategy and less on entertainment than the other 4 commentators. 

Update: I also checked out a couple of videos from Day 9 -- another Starcraft 2 commentator. Although I agree that the strategy that he discusses in his video is very helpful and interesting, his commentating style is just too annoying for him to make it onto the top 5 list.

Kerrigan ghost


  1. you left out day9

  2. I agree with you 100%, HDstarcraft / HuskyStarcraft are the "gold standard!" The control and pace of Hd's voice in particular is incredible. I do think Tasteless should be one here simply because of that great growling voice :)

    Just wanted to say...I am not very good at Starcraft 2; I barely play. I study English Lit and have a strange fascination with these broadcasts. The game offers a lot of interesting variables of conversation beyond play by play (build orders, strategies, hints...) and casting pro level matches brings fourth a true sense of sport and competition (Community, Rivalries, DRAMA!). The language of the "play by play" by some of these guys reads in pros, almost like its being delivered by a fucking slam poet. The casts are somehow relaxing and stimulating and the same time...
    Thank You StarCraft Geniuses, keep'em coming.

  3. what about Artoses and Tasteless offical commentators for GOMTV Start League? They are pretty good. I like Husky but he never stop talking pause or anything....

  4. They are good, I agree. Unfortunately, I could only pick five. Maybe I should redo the article as a top ten list.

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