Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Two Absolutely Essential Tools to Mass Follow in Twitter

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One of the best ways to make sure that the word gets out about your product or website is to use Twitter to constantly tweet out updates to legions of eager followers. The best way to get these followers is through "mass following" and "mass unfollowing" users from the millions of active Twitter accounts. Unfortunately, Twitter has recently closed down a lot of the loopholes and websites that made doing this a cinch. Fortunately for you, they missed a couple of websites along the way. Click to read more about two essential websites that will allow you to grow your Twitter account by mass following and unfollowing. Hurry, before Twitter closes these websites down too!

1. This is one of the last of the type websites where a user can log on and generate a quick and extensive list of users to follow en masse. The interface is clean and simple enough to make mass following and unfollowing; although, the website owners are currently updating to a beta version to make the user interface even more appealing. The website also offers mass unfollowing capabilities, but I really prefer the second website for this purpose.

2. This website is like a godsend for anyone looking to mass unfollow Twitter accounts (or even just to clean up the deadbeats on a regular account who won't follow back). The load times for loading even as many as 15,000 followers, the number on my @FutureTwitBlog account, are only a few seconds with a high speed internet account. Better yet, the site will rank the nonfollowers in terms of the accounts who have gone the longest without following back -- a great tool for making sure that you don't accidentally unfollow recently followed Twitter acounts by mistake -- before they have an adequate chance to follow back.

Using these two tools should make mass following and unfollowing on Twitter easier than ever. I personally have been able to add thousands of new users to my Twitter account @FutureTwitBlog by using these tools by doing using these websites in my spare time. Good luck in your mass following endeavors on Twitter.

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