Sunday, November 7, 2010

More Funny Tweets from Twitter about Ashton Kutcher

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I thought that I would share a few more funny tweets from twitter about our favorite twit -- Ashton Kutcher. Do we like having fun at the expense of this particular twit actor? Do we like to make fun of people who are better looking than us and have more money than us in general? Do fat girls like karaoke? On all accounts, the answer is YES!

Ashton woke up yesterday scared because he thought his grandma had crawled into his bed. Then, he realized it was just Demi w/out makeup.

Ashton is smart to tweet about his idiosyncrasies. It's his followers who are wasting time.

Ashton Kutcher and John Wayne -- stubbornly refused to change characters in every movie they made.

Ashton Kutcher -- gonna make celebs skinny again, one Punk'd video at a time.

Ashton Kutcher -- because your mom thinks he's cute and your sister is having his baby.

If you have any other tweets to add to these, leave them in the comment box (with your name so that you get proper credit).

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  1. Ashton Kutcher — no brains, no talent, no problem.

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