Monday, December 14, 2009

My request to Wikipedia: Muhammad

I have been reading over the last few days (for lack of better things to do) the discussion around the photos of Muhammad on Wikipedia here. In case you don't know, it is against some kinds the Muslim religion for anyone (even non-Muslims) to have a drawing of Muhammad. So, following the spirit of these requests, I thought that I would make my own request to Wikipedia.

Please Remove All Photos Now!!!

Great Saheem,

Muhammad and his followers burning children

As you know, in Islam, pictures of Muhammad (piece of pizza be upon him) are forbidden. I respectfully request that you remove these pictures for the following reasons:

1 Muhammed (popbuh) was a man who never had his picture taken or portrait drawn. Many say this is because he wanted to prevent idolatry among his followers. Others say that he was concerned about his weight, especially his chubby cheeks. This is a lie from Satan, for all know that Allah revealed the principles of Atkins to Muhammad after the second burning of Mecca.

2. Islam is the religion of peace and its beliefs, like all other beliefs, should be respected. So, please, take down the pictures -- YOU JEWISH OR CHRISTIAN BASTARD!!!

3. I have a petition that was signed by all Muslim users of the internet that says, if these photos are not removed, they shall beat their wives to punish the editors of Wikipedia. But, you may say that many Muslims do not have a computer and do not use the internet. However, these Muslims shall beat their wives TWICE as hard to make up for this wickedness on your part. And, they shall marry their daughters to 60 year old men.

Please, Saheem, remove the page at once.


Saleem Ackmed Jaleel Hussein Taliban the 3rd

P.S. Here is a link to the original posting (which got reverted). Wikipedia sucks.

Also, here are a few pictures of Muhammad.

1. Muhammad covering up a fart

2. Muhammad marrying his niece

3. Muhammad and Muslims killing Jews (how little things change)

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