Saturday, October 10, 2009

Homosexual Sweeds and the Nobel Peace Prize

Good ol' Hussein has done it again! With the help of his friends, the homosexual Sweeds, the president has managed to win the Nobel Peace Prize -- the top honor of any aspiring communist, former terrorist (Nelson Mandela) or envirojunkie. We here at Future Twits would like to congratulate Obama with a photo tribute to his many great accomplishments towards peace since entering office.

1. Addition of 7 more states to the Union

2. First annual White House "beer summit"

3. Trillion dollar Christmas gift to bankers

4. Stammering his way through speeches

For comparison, here is the last idiot president stammering through speeches

5. Calling Hollywood celebrities that he's never met a "jackass"

And, I'm out of ideas. That was a short entry.

Maybe some filler video of classic pin up girls?


  1. @Bill . . . Clin . . . ton . . . ington

    I did not have sexual relations with President Obama . . .

    . . . yet.



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