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Bill Clinton: House Husband?

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With Hillary traveling across the globe, it was bound to happen. Bill has been given a short leash or so our look into his future twitter entries would indicate. This is no way to treat an ex-president. Seriously. Ankle bracelets. House confinement. It's not like he's going to hook up with Monica again. Take his word for it. After all, this is a man that knows what "is" is.

What will things look like in a year's time? Sort of like this:

Bill Clinton's future twitter entry for March 12th,2010

7:45 pm: I'm pretty bored tonight, so I thought that I would update my twit. I really like twitting when I have some time off. I'm making it a goal to keep my twit – “Bill Clinton” – up to date from now on. I enjoy all of the “twitting” that people do, especially my twit friends. In fact, I've got so many twit friends now that I can't count them. I think I might have more than anyone else on this site, literally thousands. Just imagine how many more twits would befriend me if I would write a little more often. I just might even be the most popular twit of all. Who would have thought that “Bill Clinton” would someday be the biggest twit on the Internet?

8:05: Damn. Is this ankle bracelet really necessary? I told Hillary I just wanted to go out for pizza. She thinks pizza is a code word for escort, I guess. Guess it all depends on what your definition of pizza is.

8:30: Well, I couldn't think of much to write about, so I decided to watch TV. Hillary is still not home. Where is she? Well, it looks like it's a choice between a documentary about the making of M.A.S.H. and and reruns of the Cosby show. Man, those kids get funnier every time I see them. I still haven't seen that little kid that says, “What you talkin' 'bout Willis?” Maybe that's a different show.

8:45 Decided to get out the dictionary and look up, once and for all, what the definition of “is” is. There's a lot more to that than I thought. Turns out the word is from Old High German and can be used as abbreviation, prefix, noun, pronoun, or verb, depending on situation and use of apostrophe. And here I thought I was just being a jerk when I answered that question . . .

9:00 I've been looking at family photo of Hillary, Chelsea, and me. Chelsea looks so much like Hillary in the face. The nose, eyes, cheeks, chin – all exactly the same. She really is her mother's daughter!

9:15 Still looking at Chelsea. She really does look like Hillary – not so much like me. Maybe in the ears?

9:20 No the ears are Hillary's too.

9:25 Hmm. Still looking.

9:30 Note to self: have another talk with Hillary about Eric, my college roommate.

9:50 Al Gore just called up. Wants to play some hoops tomorrow. Told him that I'd just pwn his ass like last time if he brought that on. He got mad and hung up the phone. I tried to call back; he wouldn't answer. I'll give him a few days to cool off. Maybe I'll send him a ham or something too.

10:10 Where is Hillary? She should have been home hours ago. Maybe I should call someone or send the Secret Service to look for her? Maybe I'll order in pizza. Is it still free if they aren't here in 30 minutes or less?

10:20 Monica just tried to call. Man, you'd think that a restraining order and three phone number changes would be enough! Seriously, I “did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Okay, true story. I'd just got through watching one million B.C. – Raquel Welch and fur bikini and all – and I'm doin' my thing. At the end, I open my eyes, and there's Monica's dress, just lying in the middle of my office floor, same place she'd thrown it when she was separating laundry the day before. For being an intern, she was such a slob. I tried water, club soda, and nail polish remover – the stain just wouldn't come out. I was going to take it to the dry cleaner on Monday, but then there was that NAFTA thing I had to sign and all that stuff with Saddam, and I forgot. Pretty soon, Ken Starr had that same damn dress, and we all know where the rest of the story goes from there.

Hey, I'm a ex-president. Would I lie? :)

10:50 Well, Hillary just got home. She said, “You've got five minutes to get in bed and get ready before I call Ben Kingsley instead.” That's what passes for romance in our world these days. Well, I better do as she says, so I'm signing off, all y'all twits out there.

Bill Clinton Secret Mistress:

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  1. Maybe Al Gore and Vice President Biden could call for an international conference on the Former President's effect on the Twit phenomenon. It would certainly create twit ready jobs, etc.



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