Sunday, November 3, 2013

Which Bug Scares You Most?

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I was recently reading a blog post from about some of the scariest bugs out there, and it got me thinking about the bug of which I'm the most scared. As a starting point for the conversation, I've posted the link below.

world’s scariest bugs

(I learned a lot about different types of bugs from the post, especially some deadly bugs like the Japanese Hornet. I always find learning interesting.)

While I could give a flip answer that involves something about the NSA, I think that I would rank the bug as scariest in order of their ability to kill me or cause me great bodily harm.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not a fan of bugs in general. If they're outside in nature, that's one thing. However, if they're in my house, they go squish. Still, even if I was on a show like Fear Factor, buried and covered in a bug like cock roaches, the worst thing that would happen (probably) is that I'd be freaked/grossed out for a while before it stopped.

However, with deadly bugs, it's a different story. I believe that the prospect of being killed trumps any sort of other consideration in comparing scary to scary. It's the same reason why Darth Vader is scarier than Jabba the Hut -- Darth can cut your arse with his light saber. It's the same thing in the world of bugs.

With that in mind, I would have to pick something like a Black Widow Spider or a Japanese Hornet as the scariest bug out there. Those things can kill you! Roaches, worms, centipedes -- they're all gross and creepy, but you're probably not going to die if you cross one.

Here is a picture of a black widow spider, courtesy of Wikipedia

I do like turtles though. :-P

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