Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Clara Jeffery is a Bitch

If you haven't read about the latest controversy swirling around gun control, it looks like Mother Jones editor Clara Jeffery has taken the death of ex-Navy Seal Chris Kyle by gun violence to take a pot shot at gun rights activists. The full story of Kyle's death can be found here.

In response, Jeffery tweeted the following:

So much for good/talented guy with a gun being able to stop mentally ill guy with a gun.
I just wanted to say that Clara, you're a bitch.

I am not sure  exactly where I stand on gun control in this country. It's a complex issue. I do that a reasonable solution to reduce gun violence would be nice. I don't find most of what is being talked about by gun control advocates to be reasonable.

However, just the idea that someone would tweet out the sentiment that Jeffery tweeted ... it tells me everything I need to know about her personality and disposition.

So, Jeffery, the next time someone dies in a horrific car accident, are you going to make some snide comment like, "I guess seat belts really don't save lives after all?"

There is a line for good taste. Jeffery crossed it. She's a bitch, and she needs to be called out.

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