Friday, December 21, 2012

FIAT and Toyota Rap Wars

Everyone knows about the feud between east coast and west coast rappers. FIAT and Toyota have taken a piece of that action into the auto world.

Toyota is accusing FIAT of ripping off a 2010 ad it produced in a popular new video ad for the new FIAT 500L set to debut next spring. The FIAT video ad, titled “the Motherhood Feat,” offers an unvarnished look at what motherhood is really like. It features a weary mom rapping on everything from breast feeding to dirty diapers.

It has quickly gone viral and garnered more than 1 million views. The rap song is a huge hit, especially with young mothers who feel it speaks their language.

For Toyota, the only thing seen and heard here is ideas lifted from a “Swagger Wagon” song it released as part of an ad campaign two years ago. Saatchi & Saatchi, the ad agency that worked to create the Toyota ad, issued a tweet condemning FIAT for ripping off the “Swagger Wagon” video and sent out a link to the video for comparison.

So does this mean that we'll finally see a bonafide true rapper war between FIAT and Toyota now? Will executives for each auto maker represent with FIAT or Toyota logos tattooed on their bodies to gain street cred? Can you picture roving gangs of FIAT and Toyota drivers staking out their turf and competing for fresh recruits? Who will join Team FIAT or Team Toyota? Which team will turn into a horde of brain-eating zombies first? Will this escalate the collapse of modern society and unfold the latest Doomsday scenario across the globe?

Well, the world does have to end some way. The Mayan calendar apocalypse passed by like all the days that preceded it. Nostradamus is hit and miss at best on his predictions that his loyal followers have crafted centuries after his death.

An apocalyptic feud over a FIAT rap song may be what we all need to release all this pent-up end-of-the-world anxiety that's been building since before the Y2K bug turned out to be a dud.

If you choose Team FIAT over Team Toyota, you can find FIAT 500s in Tx at Holt FIAT. If you don't live in Texas, go there anyway. The Lone Star State offers plenty of weapons and resources to deal with those pesky auto rappers turned brain-eating zombie hordes. And the FIAT 500s also double as stylish escape vehicles.


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