Monday, December 31, 2012

Automatic Parking

One of the things I always enjoy when I sit down and watch science fiction movies is seeing the futuristic cars. This is one of those details where we can tell if the screenwriter or director have a flair for creativity and show imagination.

Think about it. What do you remember most about the Back to the Future trilogy? The simple answer is the souped up DeLorean that is outfitted with a flux capacitor to enable time travel. It also is capable of bringing in all four tires like landing gear and taking flight. Who needs roads with a car like that one.

Modern automotive technology is bringing us closer to science fiction each year. The latest step is found in the automatic parallel parking system Ford includes on some of its models like the Ford Escape. Ken Garff Ford, a top UT car dealer, can hook you up with one of these models.

This self-parking system operates through the vehicle's computer system. It helps the driver identify a parking spot on a crowded street and park without bumping or banging into other vehicles. A computer guided parking system delivered by the technology that Ford and other auto makers now feature makes it easy to squeeze your car into tight spaces. Fighting over parking spots is a thing of past. Parking lot vultures are destined to become an endangered and extinct species.

Self-parking is a revolutionary concept. There is nothing that is a bigger pain for drivers everywhere than trying to parallel park. I'm really hopeful the next step is flying cars.

I always wanted to pretend like I'm a pilot. A flying car would give me a chance to do it without the need to attend flight school. If there are flying cars, I can safely predict they will feature computer guided piloting. If a computer can park a car, why would it not be able to make it fly too?

It's common sense.


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