Friday, April 20, 2012

Horsing Around

Horsing Around

This guest post from Rafael Hodge

My friend is constantly talking about this fabulous channel she watches that offers all kinds of neat advice on food, wine, decorating, entertaining, and provides recipes and demonstrations and she learns so much from it. I do not get that channel so she suggested I consider my options and call TV By Direct to get the best deal. She is always spouting some new tip she learned or having me over to try a new cocktail or appetizer while we sit out on her back patio in the country and listen to the sounds of nature while the breezes from the woods surrounding her house, drift through and cool us on those hot evenings. I love going to her house and being outside. She has horses and sometimes we go to the barn and sit in the field outside it among the horses and drink wine. It is pretty darn amazing! The horses love the smell of the wine and I have pictures of them sniffing over my shoulder. They are beautiful and gentle, which is good, since I have always been afraid of large animals.


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