Friday, January 20, 2012

Dmitri Dancing -- A Video Compilation

One of the trending things on Youtube lately has been a video of this guy named Dmitri from Russia being interviewed in a nightclub by an attractive reporter. At one point during the interview, the reporter says something to make Dmitri very happy, and he ends the interview by doing a series of quirky yet appealing dance steps.

As the original audio for the video is in Russian, I have no idea what the guy actually says. However, the subtitled takes on what he says are quite humorous. Here are my favorite examples:

1. Gibson gets sold ...

2. Bin Laden's Death

3. Dimitri the Virgin

4. And The Original Dmitri video

Of course, if you only came to see pictures of sexy Russian girls, like the one interviewing him, here are a few pics.

Sexy Russian Girl #1

Sexy Russian Pair

Sexy Russian Girl #2

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