Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rant Bloggers and Get-rich-quickers: two more types of internet blogs

Continued from last week . . .

4. Rant bloggers

Your girlfriend dumped you. Your best friend stole your wallet. Your mom likes your younger sister better. Your cousin is marrying an idiot. Your girlfriend cheated on you with your cousin. Your dad started dating your girlfriend and now she's your mom.

We get it. Life sucks. You need a place to vent -- somewhere to go where everybody knows your name . . . However, do we care?

Not really. We just think it's funny.

Upside: These guys (mostly guys, a few girls) complain enough to make any of us feel better. Also, out of the 5 types of bloggers, these guys put BY FAR the least amount of effort into their blogs. I'm personally surprised at times that they don't just save themselves the effort and copy long strings of profanity to their pages.

Downside: Their strength is their weakness. THEY COMPLAIN A LOT! How annoying this pessimism gets depends on how seriously they take themselves. A blogger willing to laugh at the suckiness of life is cool. A bitter one is not.

5. Get-rich-quick

Internet, meet your next millionaires. These bloggers have an idea: whether it's to sell online magazine subscriptions, promote an obscure search engine, run up thousands in profit from Google Adsense revenue (FAT CHANCE!) or even selling a book about how to get rich, these bloggers have the world, the internet, and their chumps . . . er, consumers figured out.

Upside: If you do succeed with this type of blogging, congradulations. You've beaten the system.

Downside: Blogs that generate content solely to make money -- without trying to make content that is also worth reading -- suck.

Sorry, but, to quote a cliche, "THERE AIN'T NO FREE LUNCH"

Feedback: What do you think of the pictures I include in the posts? Does it make you want to read my blog more, or are they off putting?


  1. Guilty of being a rant blogger. But my delivery method is designed to be entertaining. In essence I'm trying to take something negative and make people laugh.


  2. Hmmmm.... If there's a way to get rich quick by blogging, let me know.... lol

    I use google adwords.... I've made very little, while working very hard to put together a good blog.... It has not made me any money, let alone rich.... lol

  3. @Dave

    I'm guilty of this to a certain extent as well. I guess what I do with this blog (i.e. primarily satire) fits this description more or less. As I said, there is nothing wrong with this type of blogging per se -- unless it gets bitter and not funny.


    I have made SOOOOOO little money with Adwords that it's not even funny! NO ONE clicks on your ads as a general rule.

    So far, I've made about 20$. Out of that, about 16$ probably comes from either myself, my brother (who also occasionally contributes to the blog) or various people I know clicking on ads. Probably 3$ of it comes from "charity clicks" from other bloggers who follow me. The small amount that remains, about 1$, comes from actual interested customers -- most of them looking for something porn as far as I can make out from the Google Analytics search terms that landed them at the site.

    So, no, Adwords sucks. Actually, that sounds like a good title for my next post.

  4. i love your content, but the pics are a tad offputting in these cases-- why? because u brighten my day at work but i have to x out right away when i see boobs coming!
    but i suppose thats my own fault:)

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