Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haiti: Media Darling Since January 2010

Haiti. Why has the world seen such an "outpouring of aid" to this impoverished country? Is it out of concern for the country's people? Is it from the horror of the scenes shared with us by CNN? Is it a reaffirmation of the goodness of mankind?


However, let me suggest another reason, especially why the media has embraced the whole debacle.

Media bandwagoning.

When properly goaded by the media, it can serve as a source of enormous good for humanity (think of all those food programs to Africa). And, it's great that the United States and the rest of the world are helping Haiti. But, why now?

About two years ago Haiti was suffering through one of the worst food crisis in recent history. People were literally starving to death on the streets. During that time, I heard maybe one or two stories on the subject, period. However, now that the story has become the latest "in" thing, I don't stop hearing about it. At least, until its popularity falls.

And then . . .

Remember the Tsunami in Indonesia, Hurricane Katrina, or even the ongoing disasters in places like Darfur and Zimbabwe? No?


The media outlet have an attention span of about 5 days for any major story. Reaslistically, which story is more important: John Mayer's expose on the slutty lifestyles of the rich and famous in Hollywood or the deaths of millions of people in the world due to disease, starvation, and violence?

Which one are we likely to hear more about in the coming weeks? My guess: Mayer.

What can we do? Easy. Stop paying attention to people like Mayer. Hollywood celebrities are like like annoying foot itches. Ignore them, and they will probably go away in five minutes. Do anything, and they just become worse and you get your hands dirty.

Here are some videos of more important issues than John Mayer.

1. Haiti

2. Darfur

3. Zimbabwe

4. Malaria

5. Sexy John Mayer Pic


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  2. U r absolutely right here...Media keeps their eyes open for a Good Click or a News Bite...not for the genuine humanity...I still remember, watching a LIVE show of a man threatening to commit suicide and then finally after almost 1 hour he commited suicide...LIVE on TV...all these media people were busy taking it in their cams rather than going forward to save that man...and as usual, the police arrived much late...uhm...I feel, u be a human being and then a journalist...

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