Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Shame on the Audubon Withdraw your Support Now!!!

            On March 14 The Orlando Sentinel published a column by Ted Williams a regular columnist for Audubon Magazine.  In the article, Williams a supposed “wildlife expert” and wannabe cat killer gives tips to readers on how to deal with stray and feral cats.  He suggests to readers that they kill these sweet beautiful animals with Tylenol.  He does not apparently see the irony of stopping one wildlife killing by committing a different act of murder.  Williams after pressure from cat lovers everywhere and only grudgingly The National Audubon Society itself somewhat retracted his statement, but clearly was only paying lip service and only regretted getting in trouble for his earlier comments, not making the comments themselves.  The National Audubon Society immediately felt that this half-hearted mea-culpa was sufficient in their eyes and reinstated Williams as a regular columnist after only 11 days of suspension.  This sends a message to all worthless, arrogant, reckless journalists everywhere that they can spout any indefensible nonsense, hide behind their “enthusiasm” for the topic and get away with only a miniscule slap on the wrist.  I love my feral cat colony; most to this point have been trapped, neutered and released.  I encourage cat lovers everywhere that have also to this point been Audubon members to withdraw their support.  Cats are not the problem with bird deaths.  Human encroachment has pushed birds and cats into the same small areas and it is proving to have consequences.  Birds and cats have coexisted for thousands of years; do we now punish cats for only doing what is instinctual behavior?  I strongly believe that Williams meant every word that was published and that some idiots out there will try his preferred method of cat murder and slay innocent animals guilty of nothing but existing.  Animals do not have to be pets to be loved and appreciated.  Many people in this world feed and care, to the best of their abilities, all kinds of animals.  My family has been feeding, caring and giving homes to stray cats and dogs for many years.  We also feed a tiding of Magpies.  No one animal should be held responsible for the decimation of bird life unless it is humans.  Please send a message to The National Audubon Society and withdraw your support now and in the future.  Let them know that sponsorship of animal killing is not acceptable and will not be tolerated!
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