Sunday, September 9, 2012

Demi Lovato vs. X-Factor Contestant -- "That's why you use autotune"

Every so often, contestants on a game show will hit the nail exactly on the head when it comes to the way that the world works. Such was the case with this contestant when he fought back against Demi Lovato on the X-Factor.

After being criticized by the judges about his singing, this male contestant shot back that he had worked too hard to be criticized by the judges. When Demi Lovato tries to fight back, hilarity ensues.

Probably the worst part of it was when Britney Spears tried to chime in and say, "I don't even know who let you onto stage." Well Britney, I guess it was probably geniuses from the same mold that made you a star, auto-tune and shameless use of sexuality included. I don't think you sing any better than this guy. You just have better legs.

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