Friday, August 24, 2012

Five Funniest Poker Commercials If you have watched much televised poker, you have probably seen commercials for online poker rooms. Recently, a couple of sites ranked the top 10 worst poker commercials. Today, I thought I would share the five funniest poker commercials I've seen so far. - Play Your Cards Right This classic commercial for online site answers the age old question about whether guys like blondes or brunettes better. Personally, I am more of a redhead guy myself, but if I find a brunette as "talented" as the one in this video, I could become a convert.

Phil Ivey Poker Face

Full Tilt Poker did a series of commercials about poker players with the best poker faces. Phil Ivey was clearly the obvious choice based on his stone face expressions at the table. Interestingly enough, Ivey and his wife are no longer together. Makes you wonder if this commercial was a bit of foreshadowing on their relationship.

PokerRoom - Act According to Position

Another great commercial from reminds poker players that they should always act according to their position. Granted, I think that this commercial was actually made for female poker players.

Don't Suck Out on Sasquatch

This commercial was for the 2010 WSOP coverage on ESPN and featured a heads-up confrontation between Phil Hellmuth and Sasquatch of Jack Link's Beef Jerky fame. Hellmuth called an all-in from Sasquatch and discovered he ran pocket kings into pocket aces. I'll let you watch the video to see the rest.

Party Poker - Intellectual Bad Poker Face

Party Poker put out a series of "bad poker face" commercials a few years ago but this one where the "brainy girl" dumps her boyfriend for someone "more on her level" was among the best. You will see why.


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