Friday, July 10, 2009

Apology To Tom Hanks


When our site wrote an opinion about Tom Hanks, we did so harshly. To express an opinion of him as a "dork", "faggot", "nancy boy", "loud-mouthed jerk", "scum sucking trailor trash", and "God-hating sodomite" were harsh. Especially harsh were our questions about his sexuality, morality, sanity, and gender neutrality. Also harsh were questions regarding the frequency of bed wetting on his part and whether his uncle ever touched him as a child. Finally, questions about borrowing makeup from Meg Ryan in several of the movies that he filmed with her were also harsh. We recognize this harshness. Were we to write the piece again, we would use less harsh words, including "gay" instead of "fag" and "assertive, vocally-challenged human with passive-agressive tendencies" in the place of "loud-mouthed jerk". Tom Hanks, we thank you for your understanding.


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  1. we are happy to comment here, and we await your komantar in our blog



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